I Love You.

I Love You.
The Cosmopolitan
is full of love! Tis the month of hearts, candies, and all things cuddly. While you’re out planning for the big night, just a few days away…Yeah! That night, you know Valentines Day? Consider this your reminder fellas *wags finger at*. Make that night special for your hunny by setting it up, starting with the heart!

By heart, I mean heart shaped bed of course! Goose Home and Gardening has whipped up a little something, something, to ensure you a good night. The bed, know as ‘Better With Two’, is a exclusive for Valentines Day. It comes in both PG and Adult, and has tons of animations from friendly to bow chica wow wow, if you opt for the adult version.

Also, to add a little cherry atop your perfect ‘hunny swooning’ set up. The Pose Shop has came up with a few very cute goodies, located over at The Thrift Shop. One being a diamond ring, and its not just any sort of diamond, it’s a twist to the normal and very trendy. Make sure you check it out, while you’re there picking up this awesome “XO” wall frame. The option to have your “XO” either floral patterned or white and black is there, as well you can add your own personal pictures! Continue reading


I Can Still Taste The Sin Of You On My Lips.


Let’s finish talking about Foxes doubletake on sexy, previously at Collabor88. I really hate I missed getting these out, while they were there. But they are way too hot to pass by. So you can, I’m sure, head over to Foxes and grab them up.

Yesterday, we went innocently inviting. Today we’re leading you into temptation, and don’t even need to hold your hand! One look at this naughty, strapped, number and you’re hooked…no handcuffs necessary.

Exile tossed a rather sexy style at us, last month, as well. Memory Bliss, seen below, is definitely a wind blown like look that oozes sex appeal. But honestly, have we came to expect any less from Exile? Continue reading