Waiting Is The Hardest Part.

Waiting Is The Hardest PartBack to the Shiny Shabby grind! Like I said, there were a couple things that really caught my eye during the first walk through. One being C’lest la vie’s design, seen here. The other design that I found myself fancying, is this innocently sexy number from Dead Dollz.

Especially created for the Maitreya mesh body Lara, this dress ‘Shierak’ fits perfectly, and looks just as sexy with or without the cardigan. The color above is silver, but it comes in a variety of colors from black to white and the pretty ones in between. Be sure to stop by the Dead Dollz both at Shiny Shabby, if you’re rocking the Matireya mesh, and buy yourself something innocently sexy for your lover! Continue reading

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

If you know me at all or are getting to know me, you’ll find that Halloween is like my most favorite of holidays! I also have quite the fetish with Jason Voorhees, but that is neither here nor there *blush*. So, moving swiftly along, when Chez Moi tossed out this ridiculously ‘all inclusive’ graveyard set named “Salem Witches Square”.

The set comes with, pretty much, all you see above. The benches, fencing, bare trees, statue, black cats, ghosts, and flying crows! It’s wonderful as Halloween décor or even a party setting. Tis the season for all things creepy and crawly, and I couldn’t be more excited! Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Wear Pearls To Do Housework?


Let’s talk about cleaning out that closet and making way for, even more, new items from the vastly approaching Vintage&Cool Fair! We are just a couple days away from it’s arrival. So now is the perfect time to tidy things up to make room for new fabulous items!

A few things going on in this photo. I have found it both challenging and fun to incorporate items from different designers into one photo. While I would love to give each and every product it’s own solo or lime light, it’s nearly impossible. This fair is just packing so many goodies, that you all would get tired of seeing my face in your stream! So here goes…head to toe fashion.

Mina…Mina, Mina, Mina you are killing me girl! All your work is just to die for and you have me handing you the poison to use! I love it. This is also, might I add, the first time I have thought outside my own personal comfort box and used another color other than my favorite shades of black! Thank you for getting me to step outside my comfort zone, much appreciated. The hair, entitled Doris, has that leave it to Beaver…I’ll keep your house tidy and have you squirming in your seat for my cookies, while I’m doing so!

If the hair wasn’t enough to have you thinking naughty, let’s talk about this dress…Ceci at Shine by ZD managed to create a dress that is conservative enough to sit in a church pew, but sexy enough to have the good ole’ choir boys borrowing fans to cool themselves off! Now the dress comes complete with a very well made leather belt, and if you see my picture you can obviously see that you have the option (we all love options) to wear it or not. Since I went with the N-Core shoes, I opted not to wear it. But it would look ridiculous cute with a pair of brown cowgirl boots or sandals!

Speaking of shoes, may as well introduce a brand that honestly needs no introduction…N-Core. They came with not one, but two style shoes (The other a gift) which is a pair of cute Pink “lace” heels. They are compatiable with slink, maitreya, belleza, N-Core, and TMP feet. The ones above are called “Norma”. They come in a selection of colors, as well as a sock hud that includes three colors of socks. They are super cute with not only dresses, but pants of any style!

Let’s not forget the sparkling beads, chains, and gem accented bundle of necklaces. This necklace comes in two styles, both are very adorable and can be wore with dresses or to dress up simple tees and tanks. The EMO-tions necklace has instantly became one of my favorite accessories in my endless closet of trends!

Seeing as I have blown my ‘head to toe’ rundown completely out of the water, I’ll finish us off with the pose pack from HelaMiyo Poses, appropriately entitled 50’s. I chose the pose ‘Priority 3’ for the pic above, but you could have selected a pose from that pack blindfolded and still came out with a fabulous angle and shot! Continue reading

Geek Can Be Chic, Right?

Geek Can Be Chic.

Who says you can’t be smart and sexy? Who says you can’t enjoy reading something other than the latest issue of vogue to look runway ready? Glasses or not, makeup or not, being brainy can also be sexy. Most certainly sexy is no longer a physical attribute but a state of mind, and the more elaborate and evolved the mind, the more appealing potential a person possesses.

All that hail geekery aside, this is my real first attempt at properly incorporating and blogging furniture/props in my posts. I really would like to begin using it more, I enjoy decorating and so on. I roleplay a lot, as in…if I’m not taking a blog picture or cuddling Jack, you’ll find me on a rp sim. I have owned a few bars and so on, on sim housing etc. I adore setting up things! So maybe, fingers crossed, some décor designer will appreciate my attempts and pick me up =) ..

In this picture, seeing as I have a lot of their things, I used  mostly What Next items. They have the cutest things, well made, not too primy, and at excellent prices! Even their ‘delivery box’ is cute enough to set out (see the chest above).

One item that I have always used, Chez Moi’s curtains…If anything I have noticed that curtains tend to be prim heavy and if you are living on a rp sim…most of the time, you are stretched for prims. No one wants to waste prims on curtains, while they are really unnecessary, they are quite the accessory to a room. These curtains are modifiable, so you can make them nearly any shade/texture you like. They are also copyable (If you choose to buy the copy version) and get this….they are only one  prim, yeah you heard me…one!

Last but certainly not least! This shirt, ohmai! This month at The Seasons Story, Gabriel (GB) submitted a design of a simple and yet uniquely staged t-shirt! It’s perfect for ‘sexy’ times and setting the mood. The shirt comes in a few colors and is also available for the fellas of the grid. It is compatible with Belleza, Slink, TMP, Maitreya, and standard shapes. I have the Maitreya version on in the picture below. Mirror

Continue reading