There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

If you know me at all or are getting to know me, you’ll find that Halloween is like my most favorite of holidays! I also have quite the fetish with Jason Voorhees, but that is neither here nor there *blush*. So, moving swiftly along, when Chez Moi tossed out this ridiculously ‘all inclusive’ graveyard set named “Salem Witches Square”.

The set comes with, pretty much, all you see above. The benches, fencing, bare trees, statue, black cats, ghosts, and flying crows! It’s wonderful as Halloween décor or even a party setting. Tis the season for all things creepy and crawly, and I couldn’t be more excited! Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Wear Pearls To Do Housework?


Let’s talk about cleaning out that closet and making way for, even more, new items from the vastly approaching Vintage&Cool Fair! We are just a couple days away from it’s arrival. So now is the perfect time to tidy things up to make room for new fabulous items!

A few things going on in this photo. I have found it both challenging and fun to incorporate items from different designers into one photo. While I would love to give each and every product it’s own solo or lime light, it’s nearly impossible. This fair is just packing so many goodies, that you all would get tired of seeing my face in your stream! So here goes…head to toe fashion.

Mina…Mina, Mina, Mina you are killing me girl! All your work is just to die for and you have me handing you the poison to use! I love it. This is also, might I add, the first time I have thought outside my own personal comfort box and used another color other than my favorite shades of black! Thank you for getting me to step outside my comfort zone, much appreciated. The hair, entitled Doris, has that leave it to Beaver…I’ll keep your house tidy and have you squirming in your seat for my cookies, while I’m doing so!

If the hair wasn’t enough to have you thinking naughty, let’s talk about this dress…Ceci at Shine by ZD managed to create a dress that is conservative enough to sit in a church pew, but sexy enough to have the good ole’ choir boys borrowing fans to cool themselves off! Now the dress comes complete with a very well made leather belt, and if you see my picture you can obviously see that you have the option (we all love options) to wear it or not. Since I went with the N-Core shoes, I opted not to wear it. But it would look ridiculous cute with a pair of brown cowgirl boots or sandals!

Speaking of shoes, may as well introduce a brand that honestly needs no introduction…N-Core. They came with not one, but two style shoes (The other a gift) which is a pair of cute Pink “lace” heels. They are compatiable with slink, maitreya, belleza, N-Core, and TMP feet. The ones above are called “Norma”. They come in a selection of colors, as well as a sock hud that includes three colors of socks. They are super cute with not only dresses, but pants of any style!

Let’s not forget the sparkling beads, chains, and gem accented bundle of necklaces. This necklace comes in two styles, both are very adorable and can be wore with dresses or to dress up simple tees and tanks. The EMO-tions necklace has instantly became one of my favorite accessories in my endless closet of trends!

Seeing as I have blown my ‘head to toe’ rundown completely out of the water, I’ll finish us off with the pose pack from HelaMiyo Poses, appropriately entitled 50’s. I chose the pose ‘Priority 3’ for the pic above, but you could have selected a pose from that pack blindfolded and still came out with a fabulous angle and shot! Continue reading

Elegance Is The Only Beauty That Never Fades. 


With the most humblest of gratitude, I have been very fortunate to be accepted to blog this year’s “Vintage&Cool Fair” (Landmark Coming) hosted by We Do SL Events (Audrey Guter & Siane Kayna). Last year the event was a huge success, and so to little surprise this year is nothing less!

My first goodie to flaunt, is this fabulous dress from Anoircre called ‘Soixante Dress’. The dress comes in multiple colors (Black, Green, Pink, Blue, and Orange. Purple, and Yellow.) It also comes with your basic alpha and sizes (XXS-L), and while it doesn’t have mesh body options. I used my Maitreya Lara body above and had no problem coordinating it with the dress.

Also, IDK Poses have came with not just a couple, but a great selection of poses! I will be using them, while showcasing the Vintage&Cool items from the fair. The poses are very versatile and easy to work with. I am positive you’ll love them!

You’ll be seeing a onslaught of uploads from me up until and even during the opening and running of the “Vintage&Cool Fair”. You wouldn’t believe the surprises the designers have lined up for you! Hopefully my, along with the other fabulous bloggers, posts will have you on your seat’s edge to get in. The doors open August 21 at 1pm SLT!

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You Taught Me Things That I Won’t Learn Here.


With schools beginning soon (in the states), everyone is out there on their back to school shopping grind. I swear its almost as fierce as Black Friday and Boxing Day. Every year, I learn a few things from my coworkers. My son is only three, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about that any time soon. So far, things haven’t change -too- much. You still have the cliques and apparently FiveStar products are still the Lisa Frank of Middle School/High School. So now that we are cleared up on that…


Let’s talk…Hedgehogs! Yes, I said hedgehogs! Caught word, just a couple nights ago, that a new clothing company is hitting the scene. The company, Hedgehog Fashions, debuted with a few different styles of tank tops (seen in this post). They are mesh and fit really well, not to mention cute as be. Oh! Their packaging is just squeezable cuddly! Is this not the cutest ball of fluff and needles?

Whether you are a part of the ‘House of’ Badger, Eagle, Lion, or Snake…They have you covered. Not sure if you if you have seen my high school yearbook picture, but as you may have guessed. The House of the Badger is just my sort of peoples… 

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Fancy Don’t Let Me Down.


Let’s talk country, even if I’d rather not. Born in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia, I have lived here all my life. If there is anything I know, it’s country. While I’m no where near a huge fan of all things primitive and hillbilly, except maybe for the cooking…I will never turn down a country meal. Unless, it’s fried green tomatoes (gag), or even worse like groundhog…yes, there are people here who do that. In fact, some of them happen to be my step family, and god do I stress -step- family.

Now, while I am still here, seeing as I have strong family ties and so few of my family are left in this world. I try to enjoy what time I have left with those ones who I still have. But, it’s been like my life long dream to get off these country roads. So far, I have moved into the capitol city and that is a rather large step from where I grew up…I’m still here.

This month at Shiny Shabby we are all goin’ country, ya hear me, yee haw! While there are tons of cute things from many respected designers. One design that stood out to me was this little lacey dress by Dead Dollz named Isabeau. To me it is a simple elegance or class. Nothing over the top, just a little more flashy than what you’d wear to the local hoedown, but the perfect number to get you on a train or plane out of Dodge!

Needless to say, I’m not a country fan. But I do know many of the ‘classic country’ music, seeing as when I were a child. My ticket to the theme park Dollywood was via sitting through a country concert. So when I saw this dress, my immediate inspiration was Reba McIntire’s hit  “Fancy”.

With so many hair styles to choose from, I hated to pick just one. However, things aren’t getting any cheaper with a three year old who has a Thomas the Train addiction, so I went with someone new (at least to me). Entwined brought not one but three very nice creations to the event. This one, was my favorite, though I see the rest being in my inventory before this round is over. It’s called Olivia, and it comes in a few different color packs.

The cute little country porch, I’m standing on, came from Fifty Linden Friday, a couple weeks ago. It was a major steal at only…well, 50L. I bought it, because I hope to start blogging a little more furniture and décor in my pictures and the small size of the interior makes it perfect to fill a space! The creator of such a cute little ‘Writing Shed’, as it were named is Funky Junk.

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And They Call it the Simple Life.


Quick post about something cute I came across! I am a huge fan of the word/name “Queen” in any fashion that its used. I have “RL” ties to the tag through it being my nickname “Queenie” as well as my gamer tag while I played with Ladies2Die4 on xbox. I actually have it tattooed between my shoulders. So when I passed a picture featuring MilkMotion’s “Queen of Fucking Everything” baby tees, I immediately jumped on it! If the shirt itself wasn’t great enough, they’re a free gift to members. The shirt is available in both black and white, and you can pick it up at their mainstore. (Link Above)

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