Beat The Heat.

Beat The Heat.

Omg, here come the dog days of summer. That may just be a southern country, ‘murica’ type term. But in other words, it’s about to get hot AF. What better way to keep cool than the shade and a fan, a pool! What makes this pool give me the giggles? It’s totally trailer park’ish! Perfect for all those urban style sims.

It comes with color changing HUD, animations, and even a filter…which is silly to mention, but I thought it was cute =3 . It’s many chairs also have tons of animations, as well as the cutest props and accents. The fan actually circulates, and the grill is just as ‘yee haw’ as you can get!

This is just perfect for those watching prim on their rentals and trying to host a BBQ on a budget!

You can pick up the set at Chez Moi’s mainstore or their marketplace! Continue reading


The Only Thing Missing Is You And Me.

The Only Thing Missing Is You And Me.

Today, the day that comes once every four years, is the day that Cosmopolitan opens its doors. There you’ll find a ton of cool items, like the ones above. These are from Goose! The deck and stairs were from the last round of the Cosmo, but you can still find them at the mainstore, here’s the link.

What you will find, this round, would be the fabulously adorable floating paper lilies, available in five colors, and this floating oasis of a bed! The lilies are ridiculously cute with functioning ‘on/off’ lights, and as always the bed has wonderful animations for both single and couples!

Oh! Before I forget, Goose now has their very own webpage! You’ll find the link for it here! So be sure to go and follow up on them, bookmark it, RSS it, or whatever you have to do to keep up with all the latest from one of the grids hottest décor designers.

All The Best Nights Happen Around A Bonfire.


Let’s talk about how super excited I am to work with GOOSE Home & Gardening! They are somewhat new to the scene and my god, do they have style! Without hesitation I would be first to stand up and say that I rank the work of Goose with some of the top, household, brand names across the grid. Whether you are looking commercial buildings, homes, or home décor, both indoor and out, you’ll find something to fancy your eye at Goose.

Above is their latest, Fire pit patio (pictured as the full set), and its absolutely amazing. The perfect setting for those evenings with good friends, or a cozy moment with your lover. The set comes with five, yes five, different colored beanbags. All with poses/animations, and the patio needs no words really. It’s obvious how grand and beautiful it is.

Take a moment to look at the ridic, cute pumpkin lanterns. Tis the season, right? The lantern, which also includes a hanging lantern, are the current group gift! I look forward to bringing you more things fabulous from Goose, but until then use the landmark up there in the link and get this fire pit, throw a party! Continue reading

Strumming My Pain With His Fingers.


This boy, I swear to dio! How it is that a guy can make you blush like a girl with a high school crush, and then red from the anger that your nonna passed down through the generations. While it seems almost impossible, he can do this all within the span of a few breaths. Whether its saying the wrong thing, at the wrong time, or not saying something when he should have. He knows how to push my buttons, get me wound up, riled up, and every other kind of up in between. Then, then, just when I think I have had all I can take and I’m ready to release that Valentini temper on him. He seems to toss that knowing smirk, that cocky and arrogant smile in my direction to halt my very actions. There is something about a man who knows you better than you know yourself. A man who can look at you and read you like a book, knowing exactly how to fix what he or another has messed up.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am by no means easy to live with! I have a few ex’s who can vouch for that. Being a Aries, I can down right be intimidating. But, somehow, some way he has managed to take the ram in me by the horns. It’s a good feeling to have someone you can push and be pushed back. It certainly keeps things interesting. He has the ability to care for me like the delicate flower I can be at times, or throwdown with me like the feisty, smart mouthed, bella that inherited her papa’s ill and short temper.

While I know he’s not the only one out there, this is a short post to salute and offer cheers to the strong men out there. The ones who will bend over backwards to make you smile, but still hold their ground when you get a little out of hand. They will always hold our hearts in one hand and respect within the other. There truly aren’t enough men out there…like him. Continue reading