Sea La Vie, Just You And Me.

Sea La Vie, Just You And Me.

As promised, here is a more lively look at the ‘Sea La Vie’ gacha items from Goose, at The Gacha Garden. This set is just ridiculously cute, and if it takes you twenty tries to obtain it, then even better! Because after the twenty pulls, you’ll receive the ‘Seed of Inspiration’ (SoI)..the beach house! Seen here!

The colors, even the wood, are just so tranquil that it’s impossible not to feel relaxed. I’m not sure how the weather is, where you are, but here the thoughts of the warm sun and sand is just beyond welcoming right now!

The bed would be the RARE in this set, as I said in the previous post. You can play either the PG or the Adult set, just meaning that the bed has adult animations. The price difference is very little, I believe it was a difference of 20L. I’ll assure you that its well worth it. Now the pose used, is a pose from the actual bed. I just adjusted it, so that it would face the camera. The animation within the poses are very clean and thoughtful in relaying the moment, if that makes sense…they…sent the mood, if you will.

I also snagged a couple of the little cute items within this picture at the Gacha Garden as well. My hair was a grab from Bold and Beauty, very cute. This was a ombre pack, still looking to get my hands on the blacks pack, if anyone wants to trade! It’s resizable, with a hud, and has super cute color combinations.

Also, the pup from JIAN! I named her ‘Poot’. Jack doesn’t agree, calls me strange… lucky him. It’s in a set of a ton of cute pups, it has slight animation to it and a super cute bow atop its pretty little head.

Lastly, Kalopsia managed to deliver, via the luck of the pull, this nice plant. The plant is named ‘Cloudy Frithia’ in blue. It looks like a sturdy little thing, and good thing too! Because I swear I have a black thumb. I had a virtual ‘living’ lily…killed it. True story, don’t judge me. Continue reading


Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Baby Its Cold OutsideIt’s nearly time for the blustery cold weather to creep in. The snow, ice, and all things frozen ready to nip at your finger tips and toes. However, with the cold comes the other ‘C’, Cuddles! It’s the most loving and best way to keep warm over the winter, and where is a better place to cuddle on those snowy days than in front of the fire!

Goose knows this! Thus, I give you the “Snowflake Set” gacha at the Cosmopolitan this round! The set is super cute and cuddly! It comes filled with a cuddle rug and pillow set (Rare), having animations for cuddling or relaxing solo. In this sweet gacha set, you’ll also find these adorable string lights and stockings, wood basket, stove, and fireplace! Accent the look with the decorative frames and snowflakes for a super cozy place to hang out this winter! Continue reading

Turn Your Face To The Sun And All The Shadows Fall Behind You.

Turn Your Face To The Sun And All The Shadows Fall Behind You

Let’s talk about the next round of Shiny Shabby. I took a stroll around it today, and as usual my eyes were larger than my piggybank. Maybe it’s time to get a SL job? LOL I don’t think so. I work in real life and that is plenty enough. Anyway, a couple of things that stood out for me, one of which were this sweater dress/scarf by C’lest la vie. The pair comes with a color hud for both the scarf (multiple colors) and the bottom of the dress (Stripes or not). It’s super cute and season sexy, perfect for all sorts of occasions. Continue reading

Find A Peaceful Place And Get Lost In It.

Find A Beautiful Place And Get Lost

Goose is at it again! This fabulous, peaceful, getaway ‘Aspen Set’ is available during this round of the Cosmopolitan Sales Room (Oct 11-25th). The package screams a good, relaxing, perhaps ‘Netflix & Chill’ like time. The privacy walls with their string light accents and fabric are simply beautiful, not to mention the chairs with multiple animations, and the ridiculously cute table and ‘fire decor’ accent! The fire décor is something that I would consider using over a mantel or even on a dining room table. The design hits modern/primitive spot on!

Also! Don’t forget that Goose Home & Gardening has a new landmark!

Geek [On] Off.

Geek OnCureCon nerdy goodness! If you are a fan of the good Doctor, then here you go. This bed by the Artist Shed is a must! Not to mention the too cute wall hangings and bookends! Want to add a slight sex appeal to your already swag geek chic? Then check out Rising Hystyria’s Jayne J Outfit. The outfit is complete with, including gloves and wedged boots for classic avatars. With Halloween around the corner, nothing is cuter than a hot girl sucking on a ‘ZomLady’ finger from MELONopolis, or a gamer hip baglike accessory on your side from Glint. Top all of this off with those to die for pixel like glasses by EMBW and let’s hit it! Continue reading

Self Rescuing Princess.

SaveMyselfCureCon is under full swing with its doors opening a couple days ago, on the 4th, and closing on the 10th. So you still have a few days left to get in on the action! If you are into the gaming of cosplaying side of secondlife, get there! While the event seems mostly focused on things of those like, there are some really cute, versatile items, both fashion, pose, and accessory alike. In other words, there is something there for everyone!

Like I said before, this event is for a super good cause, Breast Cancer Awareness, and it is October which is the national month to recognize the disease, its survivors, and those who have lost their battle with it. We can only hope with the continual advancements that are being made in the medical field, that one day we’ll have a cure or at least a better marker to determine those who may be affected by it.

Until then, please everyone..yes, both male and female, please check yourselves regular, be aware of your body. Early detection increases your chances of survival tremendously. Please do not let something, you may think is even insignificant go unchecked. Continue reading

I Am A Dreamer.


iamadreamerLet’s talk serious for a moment… In a few days Nerdology will open up ‘CureCon’ cosplay for a reason (Landmark Coming). While I am a gamer, you won’t find me doing too many pictures related to such fantasy roleplay and fashion. However, when I found out the purpose of this event. There was a part of me that felt the need to help out. Not only is my ‘real life’ profession within the medical field, Ultrasonics. I have also been inflicted personally by a sad and all too common disease, not only amongst women, but men.

It is estimated that breast cancer will kill a little over forty thousand women in the united states, alone, in the year 2015. That number doesn’t even come close to the number that will be diagnosed. While the medical field and its treatment continually make advancements in the care for cancers and disease, that number is still staggering. No one is immune to it, and it can strike at anytime.

Last year, I had a friend the young age of 35 diagnosed with a slightly advanced stage of breast cancer, after a year of chemo and reconstructive surgery, she is finally getting her life back in order and is cancer free. However, recently she had another scare within the breast opposite the previously diagnosed one, thankfully -again- things were okay. But that horrific thought will always remain within her head, our heads, or anyone else’s head who has been affected by this devastating disease. It’s not something you fully ever recover from. The physical scars can fade, but the emotional scars always remain…fear, uncertainty, and worry continue to remain within your mind long after the treatments are finished.

I lost my grandmother at the age of 8, she was only 54 when she lost her battle. Sadly her battle was a short one, from April to November, but I suppose it was better than seeing her suffer. I myself are now faced with earlier testing, starting at the age of 35, rather than 40 for mammograms, and that is just to air on the side of precaution. I cannot stress enough how important it is, regardless of your age, to do self examinations. Don’t ignore things, even if it ends up being nothing, have it checked out. It’s always better safe than sorry.

Needless to say, when I saw the purpose of this event. I felt compelled to lend a hand. I know there are some of you who aren’t into this sort of genre. But even if its just a small donation to the cause, it will be greatly appreciated. CurCon will donate 100% of the proceeds made to its designated RFL vendors to  Making Strides Against Breast Cancer charity.

Now, if you are into this sort of fantasy fashion, the killer number above (Sword included) is compliments of Kelli Kreations, named Arwen in Pink (The pink theme shouldn’t surprise you, as its the represented color for Breast Cancer awareness). The pose used is contributed by my lovely friend, Bilour, of Verocity Pose. The pose pack named Victoria, contains six different poses, flexible for anything you could dream of! Continue reading