Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken.

Hello, hello, Hello Tuesday! How goes on this fabulous Tuesday!? Hopefully well, if not let me make it up to you. Today, for only 25L, you’ll find a wonderful pose pack from Verocity Pose! The pack is named Jordi and has six poses, mirror poses included.

If that wasn’t enough, check out the new fringe bikinis from Eyelure! Love them! They come in different designs and are compatible with classic and mesh bodies. They droop just a little at the rear to show off those rounded bums, not to mention tempting with a peek in the front. *nudge nudge* You’ll find these instore. Continue reading


I Want You In Ever Way There Is To Want A Person.

I Want You In Every Way There Is To Want A Person.

Quick post after the holiday weekend, for us stateside anyhow. This little number is a new release from Eyelure, and I absolutely love it!

I have been blogging for Willow, at Eyelure, for nearly a year now. I kind of feel that we’ve both grown respectfully in our talents. While hers is way much complicated than mine. I am so proud and excited to watch her continue to venture out and test the waters of different styles.

While I can assure you that no one does ‘everyday comfy’ clothes like Eyelure. It’s really nice to see her branch out a bit, and try trendy looks and dresses such as this one! You can find this simple and cute dress at both the Mainstore and Marketplace!

No dress is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Right now, my favorite pair of heels are complimentarily of Fri.day. I snatched these beyond stylish heels up at Shiny Shabby. They are perfect for all the cute summer outfits that are releasing on the daily! Continue reading

The Only Thing Missing Is You And Me.

The Only Thing Missing Is You And Me.

Today, the day that comes once every four years, is the day that Cosmopolitan opens its doors. There you’ll find a ton of cool items, like the ones above. These are from Goose! The deck and stairs were from the last round of the Cosmo, but you can still find them at the mainstore, here’s the link.

What you will find, this round, would be the fabulously adorable floating paper lilies, available in five colors, and this floating oasis of a bed! The lilies are ridiculously cute with functioning ‘on/off’ lights, and as always the bed has wonderful animations for both single and couples!

Oh! Before I forget, Goose now has their very own webpage! You’ll find the link for it here! So be sure to go and follow up on them, bookmark it, RSS it, or whatever you have to do to keep up with all the latest from one of the grids hottest décor designers.

There’s Always That One Summer That Changes Everything.

SummersEndLet’s talk about how super excited I am to be selected as a Chez Moi blogger -squeals-! They are known for their fabulous indoor and hands down some of the best outdoor décor on the grid! This entire photo was centered around their pier creation. Everything from the dock to the chairs are created by the lovelies of Chez Moi. Each barrel chair has multiple poses of single, couple, and scenes with props! The dock is no different with multiple poses for you, friends, and companions with prop sets such as fishing.

The barrel and wooden planked table is super cool, coming with décor options that give you accents to parties, cookouts, or simple get together occasion. They are super cute, but at the angle I shot the photo, you couldn’t see them. So let that be a added surprise for you, when you purchase it!

Speaking of purchasing, Chez Moi is one place that I have always found to never fail on being reasonable for such a great quality. They clearly put a lot of work into each piece and will not break your piggybank. I couldn’t be anything but pleased with this, whether I’m using it on the beach or the chairs and table for a patio twist…it is a great buy!

Here kitty, kitty! Pixicat and Cocoroni delivered some great clothes to this round of Kustom9. Pixicat’s high waisted shorts are just to die for and very spot on the current trend. With the seasons changing over to fall and temperatures growing cooler, pairing these shorts with tights or a hoodie/sweater is just fabulous. Of course Pixicat is mesh friendly and I had no issues wearing the Cocoroni hoodie with my Lara body.   Continue reading

Goodbye Summer…Until Next Year.

GoodbyeSummerCiao my lovelies! I’m back from vacation, survived it, had a blast, and all that good stuff. However, I am glad to be home. While I hate to see summer go, I’m actually looking forward to the fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year! You have Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, football games, and colorful leaves…I love it!

But if you are hanging on to summer, squeezing the last bit of it out. Might I suggest sporting this new number from Eyelure. It comes in two style, both of which are fabulous and mesh body compatible.

Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s Hello Tuesday for another great pose pack from Verocity Pose, named Viola. Continue reading

Forget Me Not Polka-Dot.


Summer is about sun, fun, and colors as bright as the rays that warm us! Sadly summer is quickly winding down on us. I actually seen both Halloween and Thanksgiving décor out in a store just last week! Its like, one at a time, one at a time…Didn’t we just celebrate Independence Day (At least in the states)? So enjoy those colorful ensembles before we give way to the toned down colors of fall and winter.

What perfect way to do just that? Polka-Dots! Eyelure has a new cutesy two piece that comes in three designs. The bright colorful dots that you see above, two styles of multicolored stripes (which was my favorite, but Jack insisted I go with dots…men), and a very pretty floral design. All four can be found at this round of Designer Circle for only 99L! Get them while both they’re and it’s hot!

Also, it’s nearly Tuesday and once more we’ll be celebrating Hello Tuesday with another set of poses from one of my fav’s Verocity. Above is one of the poses from this week’s half price pose pack ‘Lucy’. The pack of six poses also comes with a sitting pose that I will more than likely be showing you in a photo soon. Because it’s just too cute to not!

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