And Suddenly, Every Love Song Became About You.

And Suddenly

The Gacha Garden promises to deliver us goodies, as always. This time around you can catch one of the coolest things, I think I’ve seen on a piano. While it’s probably been done before, this is still newer to me. These pianos from none other than Chez Moi are rather cool, boasting 12 piano songs with four animations. There are eight commons and two Rare Piano’s which boast the 12 songs and…wait for it…38 animations!

If you love piano’s you’ll love the décor that comes along, from the cute chairs to the wall art…don’t forget, after twenty pulls, you’ll grab yourself the seed of inspiration, this guitar/stand. Also, they are low LI, with 3Li, not bad for a piano boasting all these goodies.


Let It Snow.

Let It Snow.jpg

I can confidently say, that the only time I wish to see snow is for Christmas morning. After the presents are unwrapped, let’s get that stuff outta here! Not sure what it is like in your neck of the woods, but in West Virginia, we’ve had a ridiculously warm winter.

Either way, here’s to the beauty that snow can bring. Some people like to kiss in the rain, but kissing in the snow can be just as nice. Insert, Goose Home & Gardening, with their exclusive item at Tres Chic Venue. This street light, entitled ‘Couples Snowy Lantern’, is so cute and has so many sweet couple animations (7 to be exact). Continue reading