And Suddenly, Every Love Song Became About You.

And Suddenly

The Gacha Garden promises to deliver us goodies, as always. This time around you can catch one of the coolest things, I think I’ve seen on a piano. While it’s probably been done before, this is still newer to me. These pianos from none other than Chez Moi are rather cool, boasting 12 piano songs with four animations. There are eight commons and two Rare Piano’s which boast the 12 songs and…wait for it…38 animations!

If you love piano’s you’ll love the décor that comes along, from the cute chairs to the wall art…don’t forget, after twenty pulls, you’ll grab yourself the seed of inspiration, this guitar/stand. Also, they are low LI, with 3Li, not bad for a piano boasting all these goodies.


Sea La Vie, Just You And Me.

Sea La Vie, Just You And Me.

As promised, here is a more lively look at the ‘Sea La Vie’ gacha items from Goose, at The Gacha Garden. This set is just ridiculously cute, and if it takes you twenty tries to obtain it, then even better! Because after the twenty pulls, you’ll receive the ‘Seed of Inspiration’ (SoI)..the beach house! Seen here!

The colors, even the wood, are just so tranquil that it’s impossible not to feel relaxed. I’m not sure how the weather is, where you are, but here the thoughts of the warm sun and sand is just beyond welcoming right now!

The bed would be the RARE in this set, as I said in the previous post. You can play either the PG or the Adult set, just meaning that the bed has adult animations. The price difference is very little, I believe it was a difference of 20L. I’ll assure you that its well worth it. Now the pose used, is a pose from the actual bed. I just adjusted it, so that it would face the camera. The animation within the poses are very clean and thoughtful in relaying the moment, if that makes sense…they…sent the mood, if you will.

I also snagged a couple of the little cute items within this picture at the Gacha Garden as well. My hair was a grab from Bold and Beauty, very cute. This was a ombre pack, still looking to get my hands on the blacks pack, if anyone wants to trade! It’s resizable, with a hud, and has super cute color combinations.

Also, the pup from JIAN! I named her ‘Poot’. Jack doesn’t agree, calls me strange… lucky him. It’s in a set of a ton of cute pups, it has slight animation to it and a super cute bow atop its pretty little head.

Lastly, Kalopsia managed to deliver, via the luck of the pull, this nice plant. The plant is named ‘Cloudy Frithia’ in blue. It looks like a sturdy little thing, and good thing too! Because I swear I have a black thumb. I had a virtual ‘living’ lily…killed it. True story, don’t judge me. Continue reading

I’m Not Your Boo.

I'm Not Your Boo

Quick Halloween post for all you ghouls and goblins out there. Eyelure dropped a very cute and cozy, crop top, sweater like shirt that is perfect for counting your candy or just looking cute during your night out. It’s one of those tops that I’m rather sure you’ll be wearing, even next year…perhaps occasionally after the holiday is over =3 . Continue reading

I Thought I Were All You Needed.

I Thought I Were All You Needed

Let’s talk about cutesy cami’s and matching panties. Every girl loves them and Eyelure just happens to be one of the grand masters at designing them. What could be more cuter than this little cow printed set? They are mesh body compatible and totes adorbs. Match them with these super cute and lacey knees socks from Izzie’s (also mesh compatible), and you’ll have a cozy, sexy, girly look for anything from pillow fights to innocent Netflix and chilling.

Also, Lamb, I have just fell in love with her hair recently. Slowly I am building me a collection of it, because its a must have. The curls and waves of her hair seem to look just so natural and smooth, like in this one named ‘Want You’. I just cannot get enough of it, keep them coming Lamb! Continue reading

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

There Was A Hand In The Darkness And It Held A Knife.

If you know me at all or are getting to know me, you’ll find that Halloween is like my most favorite of holidays! I also have quite the fetish with Jason Voorhees, but that is neither here nor there *blush*. So, moving swiftly along, when Chez Moi tossed out this ridiculously ‘all inclusive’ graveyard set named “Salem Witches Square”.

The set comes with, pretty much, all you see above. The benches, fencing, bare trees, statue, black cats, ghosts, and flying crows! It’s wonderful as Halloween décor or even a party setting. Tis the season for all things creepy and crawly, and I couldn’t be more excited! Continue reading

I Can Still Taste The Sin Of You On My Lips.


Let’s finish talking about Foxes doubletake on sexy, previously at Collabor88. I really hate I missed getting these out, while they were there. But they are way too hot to pass by. So you can, I’m sure, head over to Foxes and grab them up.

Yesterday, we went innocently inviting. Today we’re leading you into temptation, and don’t even need to hold your hand! One look at this naughty, strapped, number and you’re hooked…no handcuffs necessary.

Exile tossed a rather sexy style at us, last month, as well. Memory Bliss, seen below, is definitely a wind blown like look that oozes sex appeal. But honestly, have we came to expect any less from Exile? Continue reading