Something You Want To Say?

Something You Want To Say?

Let’s close out February with some super sexy somethings from Eyelure! This ridiculous hot and naughty dress is found at the mainstore, available in some really cute colors too!

While you’re at it, don’t forget to drop by Verocity Poses and pick up a pose pack to complete your sexy portrait. This pose is from the pose pack containing six poses and their mirrors, named Dahlia. Continue reading


The Sun Is Alone Too, But It Still Shines.

The Sun Is Alone Too, But It Still Shines.

Just because I am such a fan of this romper from Eyelure. I wanted to do another quick post to show off the dress a little more in its entirety. I hope you like it, as much as I do!

Also! While I love my Logo head, I branched out and purchased a Lelukta head “Stella”, because of this skin from Essences! Ugh, I swear I think I’m forever faithful to Mr. Lambert and his work! It’s just great. This skin applier can be found at Shiny Shabby, which still has a few days left. So please get there while you can. Continue reading

I Want You In Ever Way There Is To Want A Person.

I Want You In Every Way There Is To Want A Person.

Quick post after the holiday weekend, for us stateside anyhow. This little number is a new release from Eyelure, and I absolutely love it!

I have been blogging for Willow, at Eyelure, for nearly a year now. I kind of feel that we’ve both grown respectfully in our talents. While hers is way much complicated than mine. I am so proud and excited to watch her continue to venture out and test the waters of different styles.

While I can assure you that no one does ‘everyday comfy’ clothes like Eyelure. It’s really nice to see her branch out a bit, and try trendy looks and dresses such as this one! You can find this simple and cute dress at both the Mainstore and Marketplace!

No dress is complete without the perfect pair of shoes. Right now, my favorite pair of heels are complimentarily of I snatched these beyond stylish heels up at Shiny Shabby. They are perfect for all the cute summer outfits that are releasing on the daily! Continue reading

Keep It On The Down Low (Nobody Has To Know).



Keep It On The Down Low

I had so much inspiration for this photo! Going back even further than a year ago, this was pretty much the theme of my life (Don’t judge me). As you all know, I am a huge roleplayer. Sadly, I don’t get to play as much today, as I did then. But, one of my greatest story twists was meeting that wonderful man up there.

He was most certainly a guy from the other side of the tracks in my world. Alexis, was brought up strictly in her backstory. She were expected to wed a strong standing, Italian, man. So, she typically dated such. In fact, she were in quite a serious relationship with one, but some bad decisions on his part had caused a little ripple in an otherwise calm love pond.

The first time she laid eyes on Jack, in Hathian (Shoutout to old reliable, great place to rp), she knew there were just something about him. Whether it was the fact of his pale skin, IDGAF attitude and style, or that suave sarcastic, northern English, tone… There was just something that she couldn’t forget. He even disappeared for a few months, and normally she’d written people off, especially one that had became a cop…maiale. But somehow, fate maybe, he remained.

Some months later, still stuck in a rocky relationship, Jack came back (ha!). After inviting him to Dead End, (another dependable sim with great rpers)…as the song says, he lit the fire she were trying not to ignite. Night after night, he waited up for her…till the coast was clear and drama had tucked itself in…only then could she turn to him, her rock.

He was on the down low for quite a while, too long, now that I look back on it. Some people, regardless of what you tell them…refuse to let go, and it wasn’t until she felt free of her past that she could rightfully debut with her future.  Here it is, our second Christmas Bae…and still, all I want for Christmas…is you.

Now, that long story aside… a few things here. First off this new GIFT, yes I said GIFT, from Eyelure. The dress is named Waffle Weave (Silver), funny I know. At least you can remember it, right? It’s the free gift for December, so Merry early Christmas, Xmas, Holiday, or whatever it is you celebrate! The dress seemed a little upscale and classy, cue woman with a spoiled, seemingly, great life.

Then Goose Home & Gardening, was like “Hey! Let’s give these busy elves something to work with.” introducing the Tuscan Garden Wall Building Set and Marketplace. Now, while this is virtually anything you can dream, here are the pieces to build it, set. To me, I saw what appeared to be the makings of a extravagant entry to a wealthy estate. So after piecing a few pieces together, I easily (because their stuff is so great and detailed) had a garage and gated estate. You can pick up this set at the Cosmopolitan dec 6th – dec 19th, be sure to hurry over there as it is a *EXCLUSIVE*.

Now, last but most certainly not least! The Pose Shop! Piper Patrucci has always made some of my most favorite couple poses! When I got her message of good news, I could have squealed..may have a little *blushes*. One of my favorite things to do is take pictures with Jack and others. So, I am super excited and honored to exhibit her work. This pose 74, is a new release of hers and available in store! Something about it just seem to portray to me a couple full of desire and lust for one another. I picture two people who appreciate each moment they have with one another, when they can act on their inner hunger for one another…cue Jack, the other man.

Now, like I said above, Jack has always had that IDGAF style, even when he actually does. He puts a lot of thought into what he wears, its just not classy. It’s laid back, relaxed, and yet still stylish. I have gotten him in a suit a couple of times, and he has whined about it the entire time…it’s just not him. This jacket, hoody combo however screams Bae’s taste. I saw it while scrolling flickr, quite some time ago. Finally I got around to shopping for him and was rather floored to see this Hud attached combo, with a ridiculous amount of options come together for a small price of L199. You cannot get a better deal than that, and ladies it’s Christmas…you feel me? You can find the combo at Rebellion!

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Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Baby Its Cold OutsideIt’s nearly time for the blustery cold weather to creep in. The snow, ice, and all things frozen ready to nip at your finger tips and toes. However, with the cold comes the other ‘C’, Cuddles! It’s the most loving and best way to keep warm over the winter, and where is a better place to cuddle on those snowy days than in front of the fire!

Goose knows this! Thus, I give you the “Snowflake Set” gacha at the Cosmopolitan this round! The set is super cute and cuddly! It comes filled with a cuddle rug and pillow set (Rare), having animations for cuddling or relaxing solo. In this sweet gacha set, you’ll also find these adorable string lights and stockings, wood basket, stove, and fireplace! Accent the look with the decorative frames and snowflakes for a super cozy place to hang out this winter! Continue reading