Hello Autumn.

Hello Autumn.

It’s my favorite time of the year! Autumn, I just love it. The colors, the weather, and Halloween…always a favorite of mine. But before we all run to get dressed for drinks and candy, before we begin to carve our pumpkins. Let’s take what small time is left to enjoy the passing summer, and simply sit down and relax in this fabulous patio set from Chez Moi.

This month at The Chapter Four, you can find this ‘Simply Wired Patio Set’ from the lovelies at Chez Moi. The set comes with tons of animations for both the single and couple life, as well as a HUD to fit those tables and cushions to your own likings. I’m sure there is something in the HUD for everyone! Continue reading


I Belong To Myself, But You Can Borrow Me Sometimes.

I Belong To Myself, But You Can Borrow Me Sometimes.

Here’s another fabulous pose from The Pose Shop! Their new location is now up and running! You’ll find the landmark right HERE! Now’s the time to go see what The Pose Shop has out new! Because until the 31st, you’ll get poses from %25 to %50 off!

Also, while you’re at it. Hurry over to the Gacha Garden for some fabulous lingerie by Luxuria, and this super cute and messy updo by Doe!

You like the shirt that Jack is wearing? You’ll find it at the new event named “Ultra“. He got the fatpack, as he couldn’t decide on a single color. The shirt is amazing, but you’d expect nothing less from Deadwool…one look at the credits and you’ll find that Jack is a ‘Deadwool whore’=3 . Continue reading

I Love You.

I Love You.
The Cosmopolitan
is full of love! Tis the month of hearts, candies, and all things cuddly. While you’re out planning for the big night, just a few days away…Yeah! That night, you know Valentines Day? Consider this your reminder fellas *wags finger at*. Make that night special for your hunny by setting it up, starting with the heart!

By heart, I mean heart shaped bed of course! Goose Home and Gardening has whipped up a little something, something, to ensure you a good night. The bed, know as ‘Better With Two’, is a exclusive for Valentines Day. It comes in both PG and Adult, and has tons of animations from friendly to bow chica wow wow, if you opt for the adult version.

Also, to add a little cherry atop your perfect ‘hunny swooning’ set up. The Pose Shop has came up with a few very cute goodies, located over at The Thrift Shop. One being a diamond ring, and its not just any sort of diamond, it’s a twist to the normal and very trendy. Make sure you check it out, while you’re there picking up this awesome “XO” wall frame. The option to have your “XO” either floral patterned or white and black is there, as well you can add your own personal pictures! Continue reading

The Last Time I’ll Wear White.

The Last Time I Wear White.

Kinky Monthly just started and believe me, they brought the kink this round. In particularly, The Pose Shop, with their naughty poses. She brought a few packs to the event. There was a couple pose named ‘Owned’ which has three poses and comes with both handcuffs and a crop! Two other three pose packs were ‘Cuffed’ & ‘Cropped’, each containing the themed item. Also, this time, she sent the cutest ‘cuff’ rings! Available in four metals, and resizable!

I stopped by Epiphany and tested the luck of my draw on the gachas, picking up this super cute ensemble from Pixicat, named siren nr1. It comes in three colors: Red, Black, and White. It also has different styles, as well as other goodies for the lucky pullers. Continue reading

Goodbye Summer…Until Next Year.

GoodbyeSummerCiao my lovelies! I’m back from vacation, survived it, had a blast, and all that good stuff. However, I am glad to be home. While I hate to see summer go, I’m actually looking forward to the fall. Fall is my favorite time of the year! You have Halloween, which is my favorite holiday, football games, and colorful leaves…I love it!

But if you are hanging on to summer, squeezing the last bit of it out. Might I suggest sporting this new number from Eyelure. It comes in two style, both of which are fabulous and mesh body compatible.

Also, don’t forget to check out this week’s Hello Tuesday for another great pose pack from Verocity Pose, named Viola. Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Wear Pearls To Do Housework?


Let’s talk about cleaning out that closet and making way for, even more, new items from the vastly approaching Vintage&Cool Fair! We are just a couple days away from it’s arrival. So now is the perfect time to tidy things up to make room for new fabulous items!

A few things going on in this photo. I have found it both challenging and fun to incorporate items from different designers into one photo. While I would love to give each and every product it’s own solo or lime light, it’s nearly impossible. This fair is just packing so many goodies, that you all would get tired of seeing my face in your stream! So here goes…head to toe fashion.

Mina…Mina, Mina, Mina you are killing me girl! All your work is just to die for and you have me handing you the poison to use! I love it. This is also, might I add, the first time I have thought outside my own personal comfort box and used another color other than my favorite shades of black! Thank you for getting me to step outside my comfort zone, much appreciated. The hair, entitled Doris, has that leave it to Beaver…I’ll keep your house tidy and have you squirming in your seat for my cookies, while I’m doing so!

If the hair wasn’t enough to have you thinking naughty, let’s talk about this dress…Ceci at Shine by ZD managed to create a dress that is conservative enough to sit in a church pew, but sexy enough to have the good ole’ choir boys borrowing fans to cool themselves off! Now the dress comes complete with a very well made leather belt, and if you see my picture you can obviously see that you have the option (we all love options) to wear it or not. Since I went with the N-Core shoes, I opted not to wear it. But it would look ridiculous cute with a pair of brown cowgirl boots or sandals!

Speaking of shoes, may as well introduce a brand that honestly needs no introduction…N-Core. They came with not one, but two style shoes (The other a gift) which is a pair of cute Pink “lace” heels. They are compatiable with slink, maitreya, belleza, N-Core, and TMP feet. The ones above are called “Norma”. They come in a selection of colors, as well as a sock hud that includes three colors of socks. They are super cute with not only dresses, but pants of any style!

Let’s not forget the sparkling beads, chains, and gem accented bundle of necklaces. This necklace comes in two styles, both are very adorable and can be wore with dresses or to dress up simple tees and tanks. The EMO-tions necklace has instantly became one of my favorite accessories in my endless closet of trends!

Seeing as I have blown my ‘head to toe’ rundown completely out of the water, I’ll finish us off with the pose pack from HelaMiyo Poses, appropriately entitled 50’s. I chose the pose ‘Priority 3’ for the pic above, but you could have selected a pose from that pack blindfolded and still came out with a fabulous angle and shot! Continue reading