Feelin’ Myself.

Feelin Myself.

Every girl loves new lingerie! Whether it’s something extravagantly naughty or just simple and sexy…we love lingerie! That being said, I’d love to introduce you to simply sexy, named appropriately, ‘Perfect Bra and Panty Set’ by Eyelure. You can find this cute little number, for those already sexy mesh bods, at her mainstore! Continue reading


Forever Wild.

Poppet PosesQuin Ad

After some time off, the owner of {Poppet}, Miss Casiopia Twischer or Myra as most know her has came back with a punch of new stuff! Everything from single poses for both female and male, which will be her first ever male poses, to a best friend pose and new couple pose. In this post you’ll find one of the eight static poses named “Quinn” and the best friend pose conveniently entitled “My Best Friend” If you’re curious of the other seven poses included in the Quinn pose pack, they’re right here!

Her first ever single male poses can be found at her mainstore  this weekend for only 60L! I hope to have a picture up this week to showcase her handy work! These are the poses that you’ll find in the male pose pack. BenedictPosePack

One of my favorites is the “My Best Friend” pose, which is odd because I normally migrate to favoring the couple’s poses (Maybe I’m just a sap for my old man), but for what ever reason I love this pose! I’d also like to thank a lady who has quickly earned a place in my heart, Bliour Michaels. Though our paths have only recently crossed, she has the most magnetic of personalities and I totes heart her! It seemed only right that I’d include her in this pose! Besides, she clearly has a fashion sense like mine. Which brings me to add this, Zenith at this month’s Uber event..is..a…must! These, fitted mesh, rompers are just fabulous and come in quite a few colors to please anyone’s preference.


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I’ll Be Alright…Just Not Tonight.

Tears I’ve always said that you make me feel unlike any other. That being said, you can hurt me like no other. It’s a scary feeling, knowing your happiness hangs in the balance of someone other than you. That they have the ability to make or ruin your day with a single word, said or held. I find myself asking, how did I get into this? At what point did I let me guard down? When did he become as important to me, as my next breath? Regardless of when or how, the fact remains that you’ll always be the same and you ain’t ever going to change. Me? I’ll be here, because there’s no where else that I’d rather be. Continue reading